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To provide a contract free open source website hosting platform which targets the highest levels of reliability and performance.


Websites need to be fast and agile. The best way to get here is through bare metal hosting with full open source support. Open source innovation has showed us that products can change quickly and with minimal notice, and the only option is swift adoption. At the time of this writing, Wordpress has been the most recent dominant trend in website CMS. In 5 years, we can't predict what fancy OSS package will arrive next, we just need to be prepared for it and happy it arrives. Resisting this change is futile, and will only delay a website hosting companies progress until a difficult forced adoption is required.

Our goal is to provide performant hosting without any form of vendor lock-in and full open source software support. We will welcome quality OSS projects indefinitely, and will never lock any customers into our services. This position against vendor lock-in is prevalent across all of our products, but particularly important for website hosting where predatory companies have become an epidemic.

To compete excessively well in this sphere requires full management over the hosting facility and hosting stack. We own the network, servers, switches, and routers, and have spent over 20 years now growing an intimate knowledge of each of these products to maximize website content delivery. Most importantly, performance tuning across all software layers provides an added advantage that has been refined over the last couple decades.

Finally, by owning the compute, we can allow busy web servers to have more idle cores available without any additional monthly costs to our members. Typically this would be an added expense for any virtualized hosted environment as the pay model is subscription determined by core count, idle or otherwise.


Web nodes house website services and data delivery. Web nodes typically need less SSD storage allocation but require large quantities of memory for filesystem caching and PHP processes. Higher clocked cpu cores tuned for higher performance power management deliver the fastest PHP processing and web page delivery. SSD's can be bit smaller than other node types, but balanced drive types with over provisioning allow for write performance to stay high, compensating for the needs of large amounts of HTTP logging activity during heavy web page interaction.