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Project Mercury Security

Security details specific to Project Mercury.

General security details can be found on the KYNGIN security page

Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities Protection

learn more details on speculative execution vulnerabilities

KYNGIN specifically put in place a number of solutions to prevent against speculative execution attacks for all VM clients. From hardware choices, to kernel tuning, to forced microcode updates on all our HG nodes.

Many cloud providers do not provide proactive solutions in these areas, or if they do, they require you to upgrade to specific chipsets which provide additional prevention against these attacks. We take away the need for clients to have to understand any of these concerns by making proactive security decisions for them.

To further increase security, we run the network stack for each client on their own dedicated network partition, eliminating any possibility of a hijacked device being able to eavesdrop on neighbors. We additionally provide client network dedicated VPN servers which are security hardened allowing remote access to the clients virtual machine network.

Dedicated Servers

  • All HG servers are dedicated by design. Constructed with their own set of allocated memory, CPU, and HDD. Zero over-provisioning.

Data encrypted at rest

All project mercury data is held fully encrypted at rest preventing out-of-network access protection. If a data drive were to ever get into the wrong hands after decommission, or during transit/repair, your data will be safe.