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Project Purpose

KYNGINs time servers were built for security, reliability, and privacy. These provided NTP servers are located at and are available both publicly as a community service, and privately as a performance and security benefit to all of our customers.

Use this by setting your NTP time servers to:


This service exists because accurate time determination is important for systems security and shouldn't be monitored or monetized.

How does it work?

We collect distinct time data from over 20 different public NTP servers. We distribute the results of these servers into our locally hosted ntp servers while validating the results with distinct constraints. We then offer these servers to the public in a pool located

We recommend all servers inside the KYNGIN network use as their NTP pool, not only for security, but also for bandwidth reduction and performance gains compared to using public servers.

Our internal systems operate an entirely distinct set of servers from our external systems to further segregate resources and guarantee uptime. KYNGIN servers are all stratum 2/3 at this time, utilizing a large pool of accurate stratum 1/2 services and validating those servers against known accurate constraints.

Logging and Security

None of the time requests to our Public Time pool are logged. We may, from time to time, analyze traffic being sent through the systems for purposes of security, reliability, or performance analysis. No data collected from our public time servers will ever be kept in retention.

Project Support

We don't accept donations. But if you'd like to support this project, we ask that you give Mindpack Studios a chance to offer any solutions you may be looking into in the future. Please look into our solutions here:

If you are already using Mindpack Studios for services, or we don't have any services you are interested in, please look into these companies next time you have a few free bucks to spare, as without them, the world would be worse off, and so would KYNGIN Public NTP Services: