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Public Services

The 90's internet...oh how we miss you...

Public Services - Project Goals

A community service which provide no-cost and predatory free. A public services that does exactly what it says on the label. No hidden agendas, no hidden intent to monetize the user, no intent to pilfer and pillage personal data so we can somehow turn the users into a few cents per click...

We provide this because the Internet, Technology, (and even Humans, sometimes) can be be pretty cool if they are given a place to organically cultivate and grow. Our resources for public services are limited based on our client size, so if you'd like to help out, recommend us or use our paid services where possible!

We'll provide future public services in the order we deem most useful and appropriate.

Who pays for the public services?

Mindpack Studios Inc is a company which is incorporated and located in Northwest Indiana, USA. Technically, our customers paid for this. They put the food on our tables and support us by purchasing our services. We provide this DNS product as a free community service, as is, with no warranty. Largely this was produced because wanted it, but also because it's a reasonably low-cost way for us to give back to the Internet community.

Can we trust your public services?

We'd like to think so, but we also don't care that much if you do. I guess that's our benefit by providing a free product. For over 20 years we've built a business on client trust, transparency, and privacy protection. We host plenty security and privacy conscious services such as client e-mail, secure e-commerce websites, and client data backup. Because of this, we have quite a bit of namesake on the line when it comes to being honest and privacy protection.

We mostly built this product for our own personal use and as a free solution for our clients to use. By all means, please be skeptical of us, and go use any other public provider (we're sure they won't spy on your traffic and then sell your Internet habits to the highest bidders). :)