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KYNGIN/SG (Storage) Facility Technical Summary

(THIS PROJECT IS UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT, some details will change in time)

Coupled with the KYNGIN software suite, and KYNGINs custom assembled nodes, KYNGIN/SG works in unison with open source and 3rd party software to complete the task of servicing hundreds of terabytes of network storage.


  • Shared Silos are in a shared resource pool, perfect for cost effective system backups (shared network bandwidth is rate limited per server @240 MBPS (lowest priority) but @ zero cost - feature in development)
  • Dedicated Silos require a KYNGIN Client Network (improved performance / network availability but at a higher price point)
  • Service allocations in 4TB reservations (includes 4TB snapshot reservation)
  • All silos compressed with transparent compression, storage quantities calculated after compression.
  • IOPS/MBPS guaranteed @ 200 per 4TB (read burst up to 1000+)

First Party Hardware

  • Custom assembled Storage Nodes, built with large high redundant arrays and ample quantities of SSD and DRAM caching to handle large resource requests stably, while keeping metadata hot in cache for very quick filesystem navigation performance.

First Party Software Components

  • KYNGIN/SG Web Application (user friendly GUI for silo management)
  • KYNGIN/SG sg_kd (manages storage silos and permissions on-server)
  • KYNGIN/SG sg_idx (walks a snapshot file tree, indexes file metadata parses stat output)
  • KYNGIN/SG sg_cmp (produces file comparisons across immediate neighbors)
  • KYNGIN/SG sg_mrg (uses cmp data to merge differences across all neighbors)
  • KYNGIN/SG sg_fmt (formats hard to read details into plots and trees for better observability)

Open Source and 3rd Party Software

  • Samba (Windows/UNIX file sharing)
  • OpenSSH (For SFTP and rsync service.)
  • vsftpd (highly efficient and universal secure file transfer service)
  • nfsv3/4 (Unix File sharing - implementation in development.)