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A Zero log public DNS resolver

(WARNING: this is under development, give us a bit of time before you use this on commercial networks)

KYNGINs zero logging public DNS servers were built because we couldn't find an honest and stable DNS provider that doesn't log DNS traffic.

Use this by setting your DNS servers to: (Primary) (Secondary)


Where we come from, the Internet was created not to spy on your data with an intent to generate ad revenue off of you, but instead was built to share information and provide education.

Where possible, we'll bring some of the 90's Internet back into focus by offering community services such as these 100% free and zero logging DNS servers for public use.

This product is built to host a DNS servers with zero intent to log client traffic. We believe strongly in consumer privacy, and we have no incentive to lie to you (quite the opposite). We here at Mindpack Studios put our name on the line by committing not to log your Internet DNS queries.

Query Statistics

We use Unbound as our recursive DNS server, which has very convenient tool to show statistics. The systems are not setup to log any client queries, but Unbound does keep track of queries per second and query types.

We keep all detailed query logging turned off. We have activated query logging and packet capture services such as tcpdump and (t|wire)shark in the past. All logging data only appears temporarily to stdout, stderr, or memory backed (tmpfs) filesystems which are quickly removed after diagnosis. This has only been done in the past for debugging purposes during times in which we are detecting performance concerns or due to bad actors which we quickly net-block.

Project Support

We don't accept donations. But if you'd like to support the public DNS project, we ask that you give Mindpack Studios a chance to offer any solutions you may be looking into in the future. Please look into our solutions here:

If you are already using us for services, or we don't have any services you are interested in, please look into donating to the companies below next time you have a few free bucks to spare. Without them, the world would be worse off, and so would KYNGIN Public DNS Services: