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Frequently Asked Questions

What performance can we see from Storage Silos

Metadata blocks are not rate limited, file browsing via SFTP / FTP / SMB (from VMs) is very quick, and data transfer from VM <-> Storage Silos regularly hits 2-3 Gbit/second.

Data blocks are rate limited based on total storage allocation, these should not affect users in most cases but if they do, the option to increase storage allocation to increase performance is available.

SMB connectivity through VPN's is slower than we'd like due to SMB protocol, but as improvements are made here we'll include them. We've gotten around this by performing large transfers using SFTP or SSHFS at this time. Largely SMB is used local to the VM's on the internal network, which is not impaired by SMB over the gateway.

How do Storage Silos help protect clients from malware?

Backing up to Storage Silos creates a read-only point in time snapshot at 2400 CST. At midnight CST, each night, the data is snapped and that point in time is accessible as a read-only object. Moving forward, write access to that data prevented, providing a very save option for data recovery in the event of accidental (or even malicious) data loss.

For extended protection, we offer a further copy of the point in time backup to a neighbor node.