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KYNGIN/NS (DNS) Facility Technical Summary

KYNGIN/NS uses the following open source tools and services. Coupled with the KYNGIN software suite, and KYNGINs custom assembled nodes, KYNGIN works in unison to complete the task of servicing tens of thousands of DNS request hourly.

First Party Hardware

  • Custom assembled DNS Servers built with ample resources to handle the highest loads.

First Party Software Components

  • KYNGIN/NS NS Web Application (user friendly GUI for zone management)
  • KYNGIN/NS NS Daemon (manages zones & records)
  • KYNGIN/NS NS Conf (custom config management)
  • KYNIGN/NS Log Ingestor

Open Source and 3rd Party Software Components

  • ISC BIND (Primary Authoritative & Recursive Serving)
  • Unbound (Recursive Serving Offload)
  • Virtual Machines for NS 3 & 4 provided by trusted 3rd party cloud providers.
  • Some features of our public DNS facility are used in our public dns facility.