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Humility & Compassion

Bad outcomes are the result of ignorance and insecurity, not stupidity.


In the current era, assertiveness and conviction are easy to come by.  But, these are many times short circuited lazy traits of faux leaders, typically expressed by medieval companies that are still racing to the bottom, or still stuck in the basement.  In an age in which quick sales are many times more important than enduring quality, the associates of these companies don't have faith in the leadership but instead do as they are told to continue receiving a pay check. Instead of assertiveness and conviction, a more challenging approach is probably to spend more time being compassionate and humble. 

Compassion fuels hyper efficiency in the workplace by allowing us to view problems from the perspective of the client.  While humility allows us to be true leaders, aware of our limitations and able to adapt to adjusting circumstances. These traits allow us to rely upon a human condition that doesn't move faster with more money, but instead moves faster when more understanding that is coupled with a confidence that has been earned by practice and experience.

Having a fair sense of compassion allows us to stay open minded to problems as they appear, not locking us into a closed-minded thought pattern that our lizard portion of our brain naturally gravitates toward.


Having Humility and Compassion allows us to stay receptive to client requests and even our own software requests, which at times don't do exactly the thing we'd like or wish for.  Many times it's easy to fall into the trap that 'we know best because we built it', but plenty of times our way of building something may be beyond the client needs or even too complex to be efficient.  The willingness to be receptive to client needs, become more wise, and re-invent ourselves, saves time and maximizes efficiency.

Keeping Humility allows us to be receptive to customers that have problems or considerations for product usage.