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KYNGIN Overview

KYNGIN® is a platform agnostic multi-node clustered hosting environment powering technology infrastructure. A product developed and hosted entirely on-premise at Mindpack Studios and actively hosting: DNS Zones, PHP Websites, MySQL Databases, E-mail boxes (IMAP+SMTP), File Storage, and Virtual Machines.

KYNGIN was built with an intent be stable, secure, and performant for a vast majority of client needs. Although this may not cover all situations, we believe that you'll find KYNGIN has better cost, performance, stability, and security compared to the other options available.

We achieved this performance and value by custom assembling the hardware, custom building the software in-house, and hosting the equipment ourselves on our own network. All of this, entirely on-premise, here at our location in Northwest Indiana.

What do you mean by 'platform agnostic'?

Agnosticism related to the IT field means that we don't have any intent to marry ourselves to a product. We go beyond agnosticism in this regard as we also don't build into KYNGIN any products we can't guarantee for the life of the clients business.

This is a big statement to consider:

"Our desire is to be able to offer solutions for the life of your business."

This results in primarily focusing on building into KYNGIN management utilizes for Open Source Software.

In the events we need to recommend or use products that we don't have a direct solution for, we promote products that have been built by trusted partners and affiliates with solid track records of stability and longevity. Additionally, we do our best to affiliate with companies that don't promote bad behavior to reduce any unnecessary cognitive load for ourselves or clients.

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