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Does Mindpack Studios or KYNGIN have a Social Media Presence?

Nope, not us! If you see an organization saying they are Mindpack Studios, or KYNGIN, it's likely fraudulent. Please let us know, and we'll do our best to get the content removed.

A number of times historically we've been asked about our social media presence, social media handles, or social media contact information. We are a technology company with a strong foundation in security analysis, and really don't see a huge benefit from the utilization of Social Media. We see it largely as a waste of time that could be spent elsewhere, like helping our customers by building cool things.

This obviously isn't a position that everyone can take. Many companies rely upon Social Media to keep in communication presence high. We just happen to be fortunate enough to not have to rely upon these products by building a strong client base via word of mouth, and a history of delivering.

We may lose out a bit on conversations with potential clients, but this also gives us a strong incentive to do business the old fashioned way: Meeting our customers in real life or via phone, and then proving we're a value by putting in the hard work and earning your sustained business over time.

Recommendations for social media users?

Yes, please treat it as another form of passive entertainment, which is what it is in a best case. In a worse, and more likely case, it's highly predatory with an hidden intent to get you to buy things, sway your opinion, and keep an encyclopedia of tracking information on you for sale to the highest bidder. Social Media's advertisement model has an incentivized opportunity for predatory behavior by advertisers, and we don't see things changing anytime soon.

For us, every minute spent on social media would be one we are not spending protecting client content, building new features, or delivering for the clients we already have. We stay plenty busy maintaining a fair amount of resources that are relied upon by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals daily. I suppose there is a reasonable thought that we'd be able to continue to perform these actions as well as participate in social media if we hired a social media specialist, though by doing that we'd probably have to increase our rates. Currently that doesn't appear to be something our existing clients (which are very good to us) would benefit much from. :)

Word of mouth has done very well for us, and a sincere 'Thank You!' for all the companies that have promoted us and continue to use our products.