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Split Horizon DNS

All of our authoritative DNS servers operate Split Horizon DNS. Providing separate DNS views for both public (outside of the KYNGIN network) and private (inside the KYNGIN network) DNS requests increases security, uptime, and performance.

As a matter of security

Private naming addresses to be used which stay silent from public affairs. By using a private named address, you members can keep requests fast and clean without a concern than the public address will be used or targeted by bad actors.

As a matter of debugging

Internally, split horizon can allow members to debug certain circumstances of which couldn't be easily performed otherwise. By updating local (private/internal) IP addresses to be separate network interfaces or bypassing proxy/failover devices, debugging connectivity options become available that otherwise would not be.

This can be possible by updating each VM's hosts file, but when running tests that interact with multiple VM's the quick update features of KYNGIN/DNS make this process a snap.