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NOTICE: KYNGIN.INFO is currently in beta draft. Please ignore typo's at this time, while we continue to edit. Thanks!

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KYNGIN® is a platform-agnostic multi-node clustered hosting environment powering technology infrastructure developed and hosted entirely on-premise at Mindpack Studios. KYNGIN actively hosts DNS Zones, PHP Websites, MySQL Databases, E-mail boxes (IMAP+SMTP), File Storage, and Virtual Machines all within the safety confines of the Mindpack Studios data facility.

KYNGIN is a registered trademark of the USPTO, and is fully owned and operated by Mindpack Studios, a software development company located within the Chicago metropolitan area.

Purpose of this website

This website functions as a dynamic knowledge base to explain the features of KYNGIN, as well as some of the decision-making processes behind its design. Topics will appear on this website as members raise questions or our team wishes to expand transparency on related issues.

Providing detailed explanations here to address commonly asked questions illustrates our values of transparency and user education. We hope that by offering these explanations, members and potential clients are able to quickly get the information they seek and to feel confident that we hold their best interests in mind. As one of our founders often states, "an educated person is an empowered person."

Reading Caveat:

The world of technology is pretty darn new considering our species is roughly 300k years old. We should look at as an organic place of knowledge and growth with the following caveat in place:

This information is provided to the best and most honest accuracy at the time of its writing, and although this does represent the views of Mindpack Studios and we take ownership of that position, the content is expected to change and become more refined with time.

Please don’t expect anything here to be etched in stone. As the topics change, or new features or concepts are added (or even deprecated) to KYNGIN, we intend to update articles punctually on this website.

Further Reading

The links below are provided to act as quick filters to navigate directly to the desired information about each facility available through KYNGIN as well as our Mindapck Studios philosophy and musings.

While members may only have access to a subset of these facilities within the KYNGIN platform (as designated by their business needs), we believe that the information on this website is valuable to all, so please feel free to browse each topic at your leisure. Get educated; get empowered.