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HG Performance


  • Dedicated compute units, providing exactly what is on the tin.

  • ZERO OverSubscription (i.e. 1vCPU:1pCPU ratio - no CPU latency or performance issues appearing after a few months of stable service)

  • No Big Brother Daemons which drain efficiency - OS Installs without costly daemon/monitor processes.


  • All memory is dedicated per VM

  • ZERO OverCommit (i.e. The hypervisor allocation of memory to your VM will not exceed the system memory.)


  • All NVME with committed IOPS Rates
  • All NVME storage is local to the node (Direct connect NVME - No SAN / NAS / NFS / Network Block Stores)
  • All storage is nightly snapped with mount/restore options
  • All quotes for storage is provided an additional equal quantity of snapshot storage allocation (e.g. 320GB Provisioned, 320GB additional allocated to snapshot reservations.)


  • Dedicated Network Block / VLAN assigned in Clients Name (one or more private dedicated network block assigned per client district)

  • Dedicated VPN server (+ failover - MOLEa and MOLEb) on KYNGIN maintained nodes with hardened OS. Both VPN servers are dedicated VM's.

  • Dedicated DHCP server (+ failover) on KYNGIN maintained node with hardened OS. Both DHCP servers are dedicated VM's.

  • Dedicated VNC Server allowing access to low level display for installation / setup / emergency access.

  • NAT Port forwarding rules.

  • Firewall application on ingress interface.