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KYNGIN hosted MySQL servers are fast and stable. Some details are intentionally omitted due to intellectual property concerns.

Dedicated Servers

  • Each Database server is built around a single primary process: MySQL or PostgreSQL. This process is dedicated to a single server within a single district.
  • By not bundling many services on a single server, resource allocation and priority assignment is held within the server container, keeping performance fast, consistent, and stable.
    • Shared servers, commonly found in bulk provider setups, use a ‘localhost’ connection for database connectivity, this indicates a few design problems.
      • ‘localhost’ connections make migrations a pain.
      • Eventually, your systems will need to connect to a dedicated database server. Many (if not all) configurations on that web server will need to update (typically as quickly as possible) into using the new database server name instead of 'localhost'. By using a proper DNS server name from the start, any downtime during migrations is largely mitigated, and more importantly, error prone find/replace operations go largely unneeded.
        • This doesn't comes without cost! (The cost of high performance DNS servers being a requirement for local connectivity). We believe that high performance DNS needs to be staple to any data hosting infrastructure. Learn more about our DNS services
        • Additionally, this requires more resources, as it pretty much guarantees that a separate server is used for DNS queries.
        • By building a system in which fast DNS is a staple to the design, KYNGIN DNS servers and resolution performance reliably handle the load incurred.
      • Hardware and software segregation without hardware virtualization
        • We increase security and performance by segregating data across multiple servers, each dedicated to a district. Normally server segregation includes a large overhead due to hardware virtualization environments. But for our DB and Web servers, we only use software encapsulated containers accessing local storage pools in nodes dedicated to their implementation, *all- virtualized overhead is eliminated. This overhead and remote storage connectivity can easily cost the competition 2-3x in performance.
      • SSD Selection
        • Enterprise SSDs are tested and benched from multiple manufacturers which provide our members highest levels of reliability and data consistency.
        • SSD’s are bolted to the backplane, locally hosted to each server (not over SAN, NFS, SMB, iSCSI, iWARP, RoCE, etc).
        • Drives are further tuned to focus on high drive write speeds by using ample over provisioning.
      • Large memory stores Keeping each server dedicated to MySQL allows for large memory provisioning and allocation. Large concurrent reads, necessary for large website visitor spikes, are easily handled as disk access for reads is minimal.
      • RDBMS Server Tuning
        • There is a reasonably significant difference between a vanilla MySQL installation that can service trivial requests and a performance tuned configuration which specializes in the high concurrency needs of demanding websites.
        • Mindpack Studios has a long history of tuning relational database servers to maximize performance, consistency, and reliability.
        • Our MySQL installations are managed by our KYNGIN software stack, which is specifically tuned to handle the highest levels of concurrency.
        • MySQL server software runs on our custom assembled bare-metal hardware which has been built specifically for low-latency relational database hosting.