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DNS Blocks

If you aren't randomly browsing pages on, you probably found this page because you got an e-mail bounce with the following message:

"Blocked by DNSBL validation services see"

This means your mail server was stopped in its tracks during a connection attempt because it doesn't have a high enough reputation to send e-mail to our servers.   This block is the result of your mail server being identified by our multi-point UBE identification system which confirmed your mail server is a spam sender.  Usually, this happens because your mail server was being used by a trojan, virus, or other spam sending software to send Unsolicited Bulk E-mail this is probably already known by your mail administrators, and will be cleaned up shortly.

Our automated systems will permit access as quickly as 15 minutes after the time in which you were blocked as your mail servers reputation is repaired (provided someone at your e-mail provider location has located and is working on the situation). If the e-mail you are trying to send isn't hugely important, we recommend you wait 60 minutes and try to send again.  Spam reputation ratings fluctuate very quickly, and it's possible that your mail provider already knows of the issue and the problem is currently being repaired.  If you want to get this fixed more quickly, we recommend you forward a link to this page ( over to your mail provider and include the e-mail bounce that you received which includes the IP address of your server.

If both of these options are impossible and you are ok with investing in a professionally hosted e-mail service, please contact us and we'll put you in contact with one of our affiliates to get your e-mail hosted quickly, on our reputable environment.

Note to E-mail Administrators

For mail administrators looking to repair the problem, please read the following:

Your mail server has been blocked by more than one DNSBL security system.  For security reasons, we can't explain the full details regarding which of the exact services blocked your mail server, but we can state that it was more than one service, and this is likely affecting you by more providers than just us so it's something you want to get fixed. 

After blocking the bad actor, please use the lookup services at and, to request delisting.  If you are still being blocked and cannot determine further, please contact us directly to get the problem resolved.