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KYNGIN/MX (E-mail) Facility Technical Summary

KYNGIN/MX uses the following open source tools and services, coupled with the KYNGIN software suite, to work in unison to complete the task of mail distribution.


  • *Unlimited storage availability per mailbox (limited only by node chassis sizes ~100's of TB). (Warning, some mail clients (e.g. Outlook), do not allow for unlimited local storage.)
  • Storage combined amongst all mailboxes on server.
  • All Mail data stored on redundant enterprise SSD's.
  • E-mail sending limited to 100MB per e-mail, larger than any business class standard hosting.
  • Local snapshots of e-mail data taken nightly.
  • Email archival service for audit tracing.
  • All services use dedicated security containers, servers with dedicated storage arrays are used maximize e-mail security, synchronization speeds, and deliverability.
  • Webmail service with ability to limit based on geographical region.
  • Frequently renewed SSL certificates for IMAP / SMTP / Webmail.
  • All mailboxes compressed with transparent compression, storage quantities calculated after compression.
  • Local DNSBL / Firewall rules that eliminate many spammers and attackers well before them become a problem.

First Party Software Components

  • KYNGIN/MX Mailbox Manager
  • KYNGIN/MX Policy Service
  • KYNGIN/MX Listing Services
  • Internal DNSBL

Open Source and 3rd Party Software Components