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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a misnomer.  AI is a poorly used phrase to explain machines that learn by processing external inputs and algorithms recursively.

There isn't anything really Artificially Intelligent about it, computers are just machines. Clever software written for these machines can make modifications to a machines processing cycle and algorithms over time. Dependent upon computed results or additional information provided by outside sources, this software can make a machine appear to be intelligent.

Using the misnomer definition of AI, plenty of things about KYNGIN could be considered artificially intelligent.  KYNGIN adjusts process priority values based on demand and usage, it throttles content delivery when environments are being attacked or over subscription events take place, it stops spam from hitting servers when it's been determined the source of said spam has recently started sending UBE, etc.

But, none of this is intelligent in any conscious sense.  It's only a series of algorithms used by the machine to learn, and then the machines use algorithms to react to the variables that have been provided to them by outside sources.  It's not intelligent, it's just a machine, and we won't use the term AI to describe KYNGIN because by doing so would be a pretty clear red-flag indicator to technology world that we don't really understand the field all that well. AI is yet another buzz word, largely capitalized on by companies without their own innovation, or intentionally due to bad behavior.