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Opinions on crypto currency?

So, we burn a bunch of fossil fuel and convert it into digital tokens and then convince the world these tokens are worth something more than zero, provided everyone goes along with the scheme.

Sounds like a great expenditure of time and energy...not.

Tell us how you really feel?

It's probably not appropriate to burn this into writing forever, but I can sum it up without ranting too much: Humans can be lazy and prone to sparkly objects, so a new idea comes about and everyone wants to jump in on the process, even those that aren't qualified to do so, as the promises of riches and sparkly bits are too much to resist.

In the last few years, we've had plenty of chip shortages, hard drives, CPU's, graphics cards, etc, all of which were the result of a global pandemic but also exaggerated by the desire to fuel crypto currency riches. As a technology company trying to produce real products, not just consume energy to fund the worlds largest Ponzi Scheme, crypto currency mining has definitely gotten directly in the way of our development, delayed progress, and cost us and our customers financially as products become rare in times of need. We, as humans, are better than this...

We don't have a great taste in our mouth about anything crypto-currency related and Mindpack Studios and the KYNGIN product stack doesn't see any future in these or related fields. Crypto currencies have a tendency to be affiliated with fraud, illegal drugs, human trafficking, and other illegal operations.

Our recommendation to those that are still curious on this topic: Be skeptical of the qualifications of any person promoting these ideas, and be very careful of any "investment opportunities", there are no free lunches, and it's a good chance you're just going to end up getting scammed.