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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did my e-mail disappear after arriving into my Inbox?

Check your Junk Folder.  Many times mail clients display the e-mail firstly in the Inbox, then move that e-mail over to a Junk or Spam folder if they detect this is likely spam. Any sorting to 'Junk' folders that is performed on our servers happens before delivery. So you should never see an e-mail disappear due to our Junk sorting.

It's also possible you moved the e-mail using a different device. All systems here use IMAP which stays fully synchronized across all e-mail clients.

Q: My e-mail is ending up in the junk folder of my destination?

Many e-mail providers do not provide clear evidence on the reasons for this. We have spoken with these providers directly and end up with a number of answers ranging from "we have no idea", to "someone has previously marked your sender as spam, and now all future e-mails from you are being sent to 'Junk' folders until your reputation increases.".

See our post on broken MTAs to read more details here.

Largely, these are free-mail providers delivering low quality product and have pushed that burden of low quality on the sending party because quite frankly, they can get away with it.

These providers aren't providing transparent solutions on how to prevent this problem beyond "have the recipients mark your e-mail as 'not junk' or 'not spam'". Usually you have to do this by phone calling the recipient because many people don't frequently check their spam folders. This is annoying.

Because this problem seems to be common enough, we'd like to be clear that the burden here is created not by your sending server, but by the recipient parties free mail services doing a terrible job of spam filtration. Even if they did want to mark an account as likely spam, this should be done on a per-mailbox level, not a weight against the entire sender domain or even e-mail universally across their systems. This failure on behalf of the recipient e-mail hosting is proven by the simple fact that well above 99% of recipient domains including virtually all business class hosted e-mail providers do not exhibit this problem.

If your currently not using business class e-mail solutions, and you do decide to move to a business hosting provider, try to find a quality provider that stands behind accountability and transparency, which also doesn't provide free-mail services with terribly opaque spam filtration systems.

If you choose a business class provider which is the same party that is one being abusive, this would be rewarding the predatory company that is causing you the trouble. Simply put, don't support bad behavior) when possible, because it's The Right Thing To Do.

Q: Does KYNGIN MX use Microsoft Hosted Exchange?

KYNGIN MX does not use Hosted Exchange at this time. KYNGIN/MX uses open source technologies to deliver a high quality of service and spam filtration to all members.

Q: Do you have plans to support Hosted Exchange Services?

There are no current plans at this time to support Hosted Exchange within KYNGIN/MX. Hosted Exchange doesn't hit our longevity requirements for a KYNGIN product facility. Largely we focus on Open Source solutions as these fit our niche nicely of providing the best quality product to every client for the lifetime of their business.

Alternatively, if Hosted Exchange is a requirement, we can host this via KYNGIN's Project Mercury with a dedicated Windows Exchange Server. Please contact us and we will locate the best solution for you.