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KYNGINs is built from hundreds of thousands of lines of source code, configuration documents, management scripts, and lots of regular maintenance and updates. Also to mention, millions of human hours of code built by the open source communities which without, none of this would be possible.

Within KYNGIN, we separate the software stack into separate 'facilities' for ease of management and security as defined below.


A district is a collection of resources owned by a single Company or Individual. When you are a KYNGIN client, and pay for one or more facilities within KYNGIN, you will be assigned a district identified by your Organization name.

Each district within KYNGIN has access to a number of facilities dependent upon permission assignment and resource allocation. As an example, let us assume a client owns a district called “Acme Widgets”, which has access to the E-mail Facility and DNS Facility.

Within this district, the District Owner will be able to manage domains and mailboxes in the E-mail facility, and zones and records within the DNS Facility. Additionally, each the District Owner can assign permissions to members specific to a single Domain or Zone in the affiliated facilities.


A KYNGIN facility incorporates all resources for a specific product within KYNGIN. Facilities allow for an additional layer of resource isolation, keeping systems performant and secure. They additionally allow for ease of use, as navigation across facilities very simple and predictable.

When navigating throughout the KYNGIN website, each facility is a self-contained web application (including multiple daemon processes, and a number of database servers) which is easily identified while browsing by a colored navigation header.

Facilities Defined

The following facilities are currently defined within KYNGIN. IO DNS Email Web Database Storage Mercury


This facility is the ‘Home’ facility, it incorporates all the accounting information and metadata related to district members, groups, and permissions within this district. This is the facility to use when a you'd like to see details on existing district members and their permissions for resource access.

All KYNGIN members have access to the IO facility if they have access to a District. Separate permissions are available for district members that grant additional features within the IO district (such as group/user management, etc).


The DNS facility allows for management of DNS zones and records. With fast access to updates on all common record types.


The Email facility allows for management of email mailboxes, aliases, and e-mail server settings. E-mail services focus on high availability for business needs and generates amounts of automated spam prevention.


The Web facility allows for management of website ‘hosts’, aliases, and services related to the PHP and Apache web servers.


The Database facility provides access to quickly create or modify existing databases and authentication credentials on highly over provisioned SSD's, connected directly to the backplane.


The Storage facility provides access large filesystem stores (4TB+), with access via SFTP, FTP, and SMB. This is a great location to store backup data with point in time recovery features built-in.


The mercury facility allows management of 'virtual machines', or 'VMs'. High performance and dedicated resources for the highest performance clients.