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Values Overview

For the benefit of our existing and potential clients, we present our company values here. If our values are in alignment with yours, and you find our products to be beneficial to your business, we would be honored to develop and maintain a relationship with you for the life of your company.

Mindpack Studios built KYNGIN® from hundreds of thousand of lines of code, running on custom assembled hardware, and regularly updated by real world technical experience and client feedback, with origins dating to the late 1990s. We built many parts of KYNGIN originally for our own internal use to mitigate the increasing workload of growing client demands. We saw its potential to help our clients more directly as well, and we've been able to shift our design focus with our clients' needs in mind.

Our passion for efficiency is built into KYNGIN, now for all to appreciate, and we package this within our broader passion for integrity. The simple truth is that we wouldn’t have gotten here without our inherent personal values and the principles that we live by, both of which have formed the stalwart business policies foundational to Mindpack Studios.

These values are apparent in the products we build, the actions we take, and the attitudes we carry. Through the value definitions on this site, we do our best to describe in clear language what these mean to us and how they impact every day of our lives.

Please see the topic details in this section to better understand why we’ve chosen to conduct business in this way.


In creating these articles, high ethical standards and freely accessible education are always put before any other incentives. These articles are written with the same level of integrity we expect of each other and to the best of our abilities at the time of their writing. Ethical journalism means we will not shy away from difficult or uncomfortable questions about our services (i.e. in relation to our competitors) because this is exactly what allows us to see our weaknesses and become a better service provider. We use ample real world experience, thorough testing, and well-supported references to confirm the accuracy of each of these articles. For additional details or source material, please contact us.

Our primary intent for these articles is education, so that members can become empowered through their own understanding of technology. In fact, this theme of "educated users are empowered users" is the core of our site. Another purpose is to illustrate that KYNGIN® products can increase efficiency overall, so that members can focus on what drives their own passions.

Like all software development, our experiences are organic in nature. We expect that over time these articles will be modified and updated to more accurately reflect our views and experiences. Additionally, honesty is so important to us that sometimes our members are caught off guard by our open candor, but we've built decades of trust with clients through this approach. We will never post anything disingenuously or with a hidden intent. That said, we are as fallible as anyone, so if you do see a mistake or an inaccuracy, please contact us so that we can address it promptly.

We hope you have fun learning a few things and feel more confident in your relationship to technology. And, of course, thank you for spending the time reading!