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E-mail Facility Project Goals

Provide a reliable and secure, standards compliant, e-mail hosting product designed to maximize e-mail productivity, performance, and deliverability while allowing adoption of any future SMTP/IMAP/MAIL open source standards.

E-mail Facility Project Details

We believe that e-mail should be just e-mail. A product that does exactly what it says on the label: Deliver legitimate e-mail as quickly and efficiently as possible, while blocking as much unwanted e-mail in the process.

Many e-mail providers believe differently, bolting additional proprietary products onto their e-mail services in an attempt to lock-in customers to a walled environment. That's just not our style; instead, we'd rather build a solid e-mail hosting platform that is transparent, auditable, dynamic, and without any hidden intentions. Communications are secured with TLS wherever possible, and systems are segregated by providing dedicated servers for each management domain. Our design mitigates the insecurities and noisy-neighbor effects that come with a shared/bulk hosting design, as well as eliminating any vendor specific proprietary extensions that limit progress and advancement.

By offering standards compliant (IMAP + SMTP) e-mail servers, which is hosted using all open source software, we can guarantee that our services will carry the highest residual value. This product allows members to use any operating system or device with an IMAP user agent, the convenience to use 3rd party software, and full knowledge that your products will be supported indefinitely. An e-mail product that stays out of the way, doesn't require specialized software, and just does the simple thing it's supposed to do.

Security Note

E-mail is a security adverse product by design, with most content being transmitted in plain text for historical compatibility. We do everything in our power to put member privacy and data retention security first by encrypting all possible sessions, and minimizing e-mail transit hops. Anti-virus and anti-spam features are included by design with every mailbox, and without additional costly packages or products needed from 3rd parties. Members are also able to rely upon a trusted code of conduct with KYNGIN support staff, as well as all data being hosted internally only on the KYNGIN network. Data is at rest only in a facility that we own and operate at our corporate physical location located in the state of Indiana.

E-mail Facility Node Design

E-mail nodes house e-mail services and store e-mail data. Loaded with large quantities of compute cores for spam analysis scanning and on-disk compression, as well as high density read-specialized SSDs with over-provisioning set to handle the large transaction I/O of connected clients which have responsive mailbox needs. Modifying large amounts of distinct e-mails (select 10,000 e-mails -> 'Mark Read' or actions such as 'move from folder A to folder B') require incredible IOPS in reserve to prevent shared users on the same district from being inconveniently delayed while their mail client awaits server-wide operations to complete.